Whether counseling is a new experience for you or something you've done before, it is common to have questions about how counseling can help you and what to expect.


Natalie Gonzalez gives practical support by offering advice and counseling with a view to improving areas that have hindered you. Whether counseling is a new experience for you or something you've done before, it is common to have questions about how counseling can help you and what to expect.

Our counseling service provides an interactive process of talking with a skilled professional. Sometimes the goal is to help you see and understand more clearly the obstacles which are preventing you from reaching your full potential. Other times, it simply helps to express yourself about painful or traumatizing situations that have been "eating away at you" from the inside.

There are many benefits to working in a therapeutic relationship with a professional counselor. It can be a relief to tell someone who is impartial about difficulties you have struggled with on your own. You may have a longstanding challenge, be experiencing new difficulties, or simply have the feeling that something isn’t right. 

Natalie Gonzalez is a neutral and experienced professional who will not judge you or pressure you, but will work with you to move toward the goals that are important to you. Whether it is providing assistance during a current crisis, or helping to process painful events of the past, Specialist Natalie Gonzalez is here to help. 

We work to provide individuals, couples and families with effective therapy, knowledgeable support, and the opportunity to develop the skills needed to be successful personally and professionally. Then we help you identify and implement new strategies to reduce the barriers to your progress and acquire the skills, attitudes, and resources necessary to succeed. 

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Creating Breakthrough

In life there will be certain seasons when you feel unable to make progress. It may be in one area, like your finances. Or it may show up in numerous areas simultaneously and you feel “stuck” in your relationships, job, health and more. That’s when you need to know and employ the skill of creating breakthrough: 

  • How to Master Adversity 
  • 5 Highly Effective Tools for Leveling Mental Roadblocks 
  • A Foolproof System for Accountability and Follow Through 
  • The 3 Blind Spots that Undermine Your Best Efforts
  • How to Use Risk to Motivate Change

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Joann P.

Raleigh, NC

"I was skeptical of the concept of spiritual life coaching, but Pastor Gonzalez exudes warmth and genuineness. She is well-versed in scripture and can use it to lift you out of despair and give you a new lease on life. With Coach Natalie, you get a spiritual advisor, a sister in Christ, and a relatable friend!"

Jordi Trejo

Raleigh, NC

"Coach Natalie and her program is amazing, no doubt about it! Her commitment to her clients and attention to detail are top priorities in ensuring her clients achieve their business goals. Natalie helped me with my branding, engaging content, and wonderful ideas that have helped my company stand out!"

Sherrill T.


"Natalie Gonzalez is an excellent coach! Her encouragement and God-given words have been extremely beneficial to me. She guided me in directions I had never considered before, thanks to her advice and suggestions; just changing a few things made all the difference in the world for my company."

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